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Tomás Luis de Victoria

Morales                                                                                                          Victoria



A Spanish Requiem

Tomas Luis de Victoria


Wednesday, October 7th at 7.30pm

The Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth


How times change. The modern flamenco-inspired stereotype of a colourful and dynamic Spain is completely at odds with their reputation 400 years ago. Then, visitors noted the gravity of the people: 'the Spaniard is sad by nature', and 'reserved and taciturn'. The requiem music of Victoria, Lobo and Morales, which counts as the greatest of its ilk in the Renaissance, is certainly suggestive of a profoundly sombre culture. Yet the Spanish were one of the first countries to admit instruments into church, and the sound of Renaissance wind instruments with voices adds a unique velvet texture to the music.


Musica Contexta

Cantus Madeleine Peirard, Stephen Shellard, Christopher Warwick and Adrian Woodward (cornetto)

Altus Simon Lillystone, Mark Williams

Tenor Andrew Hope, Adrian Horsewood, Simon Ravens

Bassus Chris Hunter, Philip Pratt and Kieth McGowan (bajon)



Tomas Luis de Victoria Officium defunctorum

            including the six-part Requiem mass,

            Taedet animam mean and Versa est in luctum

Alonso Lobo Versa est in luctum

Cristobal Morales Circumdederunt me




This concert takes place in the Conventual Church of the Order of Malta, Hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, Grove End Road NW8, just a stone's throw from St. John's Wood tube station.


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