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The Musica Contexta Forum


Follow the links below to reveal insight into the thinking behind Musica Contexta.



The meaning of Musica Contexta

Simon Ravens discusses the reason why he founded Musica Contexta, what the group's name means, and how it reflects his approach to performing Renaissance music.


Great Forces

In this Forum piece, Simon Ravens (Musica Contexta director) explains the compromises made in the musical forces used in the recording of William Byrd's The Great Service, and how the approach is attempting to find something the composer would recognise.


A sweet shrill voice

The use of the falsetto voice in Tudor England was not as prevalent as you may think.


The depiction of angel musicians in Marian sacred painting in Florence, 1300-1500

The study of Italian Renaissance sacred paintings might lead the viewer to think that the church choirs were accompanied by harping and trumpeting musicians. Here, Emma Hope tells the true story of these orchestras.


Rehearsal Practice

Simon Ravens discusses the reasons Musica Contexta is conducting an experiment with a choirbook.